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May 5, 2024

At the end of this school year, my mom will be retiring from her career as a studio art and art history teacher. This past Friday, she was honored as part of her school’s end-of-year gala.

I was happy to attend the celebration with her, and it was so nice to see her receive the gratitude and admiration of a whole community.

It seems like the right time for her to close this chapter of her life and make more space for her own artwork. My mom has been a working artist for my whole life.

Watching students approach my mom to express their thanks and listening as her colleagues described her contributions to the school, I felt so proud.

Growing up, I was told that one day I’d be a mother and would watch kids grow up and pass through life milestones. Less was said to me about the profound, emotional experience of witnessing a parents’ major achievements.

In these past two decades, as I was striving through grad school and trying to accomplish something in my own career, I sometimes forgot that my mom was striving, too. She’s worked so hard and accomplished so much.

Here’s to recognizing the work and life milestones of the people who have cared for us and nurtured us. They inspire us to remain industrious, creative, and dedicated.

The next time my professional confidence falters, or I find myself struggling to remain motivated or committed to a goal, I’ll think about my mom.

It seems appropriate to write those words on Easter Sunday and only a week before Mother’s Day. Happy Sunday, friends. Here are some recipes and reads.


1. Sharing my recipe for vegan koulourakia yesterday got me daydreaming about Greek desserts, including this vegan galaktoboureko.

2. I’m always on the quest for a perfect vegan “lox.” I haven’t yet made a homemade carrot lox that I really loved, but Richard’s version is enticing me to try again.

3. Tikka masala spiced eggplant is such a fun idea—I’d love to pile that over some warm, fluffy rice!

4. I keep bookmarking more and more asparagus recipes for spring. This raw asparagus salad features chopped nuts and a sesame, soy, and ginger dressing.

5. This millet nourish bowl looks simple, yet hearty—just as a nourish bowl should be.


1. So cool: for the first time, scientists in Indonesia witnessed an orangutan using medicinal plant leaves as a poultice for a facial injury.

2. This is a sweet, earnest perspective on the abundance of choosing to be vegan or vegetarian.

3. I love that three chefs from New York City hospitals just competed, à la Top Chef, for the title of a winning dish.

4. Nearly two years ago, I downsized and moved into a studio apartment, letting go of a lot of what I owned along the way. In spite of my best efforts, I’ve managed to accumulate some clutter in here since then. This list of spring decluttering tips is inspiring me to take a fresh look at what I do and don’t need.

5. Speaking of lists, this is a great list of phrases for respectfully, yet clearly, articulating disagreement.

Wishing you a restful Sunday night, and a very happy Orthodox Easter to all of those who celebrate today. Christos Anesti!


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