You Ask, I Deliver: My Top Ten Favorite Juice Recipes


Hi everyone!

As usual, I hope you’re all having great weeks. I was delighted by the response to my last post on juicing and blending—it sounds as though this question had been on some of your minds for a while! And I was delighted to see that the post provoked this question, from my friend Briana:

“Gena, I would love to see some of your favorite fruit and veg combos for juicing. All of your recipes are so good that I’m sure your juice recipes would be awesome, too :).”

My pleasure, Briana!

Here are my top ten favorite juice recipes. All of these are tried and true staples in my home, and they’re also proven to be big hits with my friends. I’ve included a mix of fruitier juices (for newbies) and more alkalizing, vegetable rich juices for my juicing pros out there. All of the recipes yield between 24-32 oz, and the procedure for all is the same: throw the ingredients in your juicer and go!

As with all of my recipes, think of these as templates, not prescriptions! Feel free to modify them as you like by adding or subtracting ginger, lemon, garlic, different veggie mixtures, or – if you do supplements – whatever supplements you like. There possibilities are endless, and now that summer is here, you have many warm months to quench your thirst with top juicer recipes. Enjoy!

Gena’s Classic Green Juice

I drink this juice every single morning, and often twice a day. Feel free to add some lemon if you like (and if you have a Breville, you can put it right into your juicer) to make it “green lemonade.” You can also omit the ginger if you don’t like it spicy.

And if you’re really hardcore about your green juice, go ahead and omit the apple!

1 green apple
1 inch knob ginger
5 large stalks celery
1 cucumber
1 large handful parsley
5 stalks kale


The Pink Lady (inspired by Café Blossom)

I don’t typically go for the fruitier juices, but the first time I had this juice – at the lovely Café Blossom on the Upper West Side – I was hooked!

1 pear
1 beet
1-2 inches ginger
1 ½ cups pineapple, in chunks

Veggie Ginger Juice

A standard “mixed veggie” concoction that’s spiced up by the ginger. This is a great “warming” juice for the cold months.

3 large carrots
1 beet
1 green apple
4 large stalks celery
1 large handful of spinach, parsley, or other dark green
1 small cucumber
1 inch knob ginger

Carrot Romaine

This is a terrific juice for anyone who is new to juicing! It’s sweet, but it still benefits from the alkalizing romaine. It’s a big hit with kids, too!

6 large carrots
1 head romaine


Cucumber Pear Cooler

An amazingly refreshing and simple summertime treat.

And although I’m not a drinker, I must confess that I can imagine this would be a terrific cocktail base! 😉

1 large or 2 small cucumbers
1-2 pears (depends on size)

Summertime Mojito

A virgin mojito that is fresh, simple, and delicious! ‘Nuff said.

1 cucumber
1 large pear
1 large handful mint
½ lime

Think Pink

A green twist on the Pink Lady.

1 beet
1 green apple
1 pear
6 large leaves romaine
1 inch ginger

Baby’s First Green

This is the perfect elixir for anyone who’s a bit new to green juice! Sweet, but not too sweet.

1 large pear
1 apple
1 cup pineapple, cubed
4 large stalks kale
1 cucumber

Greens and Carrot

A wonderful, nutritionally rich, and cleansing juice.

½ head romaine leaves
4 stalks kale
5 large stalks celery
1 cucumber
4 large carrots

Sweet and Sour

A sassy sweet combination that awakens the palate, this is equally fun without the grapefruit.

1 apple
4 large carrots
1 beet
1 inch ginger
1-2 cups grapefruit


Happy humpday!


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  1. Great post! It’s incredible how easy it is to have a healthy life! Thank you for the recipes!

  2. My first Brevulle Juicer that I bought after I was inspired by the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. For the price, I thought it was a great way for me to try juicing without having to spend a ton of money

  3. Hi Gena, thanks for your fantastic post I will definitely be trying these. I am looking at doing your 22 day vegan challenge on 22 Days Nutrition. I currently have a juice every morning after a litre of filtered water and a cup of warm lemon water. I was wondering if I should stop having the juice during the challenge or if you recommend having your green juice option? Also what exercise do you recommend during the 22 day plan.

  4. Just got juicer so thanks for the recipes, will bookmark this so can come back for more

  5. cool i don’t like ginger but i think i might try it i was looking for something good and this just might work

  6. I am new to juicing. I was wondering exactly how to use ginger. Does it need to be peeled (I have a breville). How do I store the unused portion? Thanks so much!

  7. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Many thanks, However I am encountering issues with your RSS.
    I don’t know the reason whyy I can’t subscribe to it.
    Is there anybody getting the same RSS issues? Anybody who knows the answer can you kindly respond?

  8. thanks for such lovely recipe of juices. i tried Gena’s Classic Green Juice. Its really great taste and easy to prepare.
    Thanks a lot to share this

  9. Great juice! My Girlfriend loved it too… Not too sweet. We subbed cabbage for kale and served over ice.

  10. Hello Gena,
    I am fairly new to juicing. let me ask you a question, why don’t you include other fruits like berries, grapes, banana, melon, etc?
    I live in a country where we have a Lot of tropical fruits…how can I know if these can be used?

    • Hi Pia,

      Bananas don’t tend to work very well in juicers, though I use them in smoothies a lot. I tend to find that berries are too expensive (and special) to put through the juicer 🙂

      Melon juices very well, as does pineapple.


  11. Gina can you make these in advance I work 12 hrs aday and would like to juice breakfast and lunch. Do they lose vitamin and minerals if made ahead of time. Thanks angela

  12. When the recipe calls for a beet, are you including all the greens on the beet or do you cut them off and just use the beet itself? Thanks! I’m very new to juicing & these recipes are great!

  13. Hi:

    I’m new to juicing and want to start a juice cleansing diet. Initially, I want to start out juicing for about a week. I am overweight, diabetic and 57 years old. I know if I don’t make some significant changes soon, I’m gonna be in real trouble.

    I heard that juicing is a great way to start.

    Can you help me?

    I’m trying to save my life!!!!!


  14. 6 apples, 6 carrots, 8 stalks of kale, 1 lemon, 1 big hunk of ginger. You can use red swiss chard instead of kale, or both. You can play around with the apple/carrot ratio. This is by far my favorite juice. The lemon and ginger are so cleansing.

  15. Thanks for these recipes! I have a Breville juicer that I love and will try out some of these.

  16. Thanks for the recipes. I really am into juicing right now, but I have discovered a sad fact. In real life (ie whole) I love greens…the darker the better: kale, collards, chard. But cooked. When I try to juice these, I canNOT drink them without gagging. Even romaine I don’t really like in juice. I’ve tried extra fruit, no fruit, ginger, lemon salt, honey. Even tiny amounts, yuck. I have been able to do cabbage (red and green) and chard in teeny amounts. But so far, the only ‘green’ things I can tolerate in juice are cukes, and celery. Is there hope? Is it an aquired taste? Any other ideas? Do you guys really like this stuff?

  17. Hi! Great recipes! I want to try all of them. It will be nice if for each of your recipe there will be a picture of it:) I don’t know how much fruits combinations are tasteful with cucumber. I’ll try it. Recently I ate cold watermelon soup with cucumber. I liked it very much. Recommend!

  18. Somewhere I saw a recipe good for acid stomachs – cucumbers, cabbage, and
    C_ _ _? Can’t find it again. Maybe someone can help. I’m wondering if it was celery? Thx.

  19. your juice recipe is so healthy ,I think if i try it must loss my weight and it will be a healthy process ,thank you very much.juice

  20. Try this its wonderful its my favorite 2 oranges ,1 beet , 5 heads of broccoli , and 2 more oranges! So good

  21. noob here. what are the benefits of juicing vs just blending? wouldn’t it be even more nutritious to consume all the pulp etc. too?

  22. Yay! I just bought a juicer today and super keen to try out some of these recipes! I have Crohns and go through phases of not being able to tolerate solid foods and haven’t been able to eat lettuce/salads/broc in over 2 years, so really looking forward to getting the good stuff in =)

  23. I’m allergic to apples and some of these juices sound great but is there a substitution for apples? thanks 🙂

  24. I tried the Green Juice and the Baby’s First Green and both were hard to get down especially the Green Juice. I could only take a few sips and I’m struggling to drink another sip. I love veggies and can eat them with no problem but when drinking juice it needs to be sweeter than this. I put lemon it it too but…terrible. I guess I’ll have to find some more recipes. Thank you for your post. 🙂

    • Did you add fruit? I haven’t tried pineapple yet but I hear it really helps to sweeten, but watch the calories. I like oranges to sweeten it up. One I really like is orange, carrots & 1/2″ ginger… really delish.

  25. Thank you Gena, for all your information and recipes!! Our food has been so genetically modified and so many chemicals are added. We are losing all the nutrients we need in the processed foods that we eat. Even our bread is nothing like grain and flour bread when Jesus was alive. Bread then would sustain your body as a meat would. Try to buy gluten free and organic products. Juicing is the key to getting back all the natural vitamins that God intended for us to have in our bodies. Live food gives life to our body. Juicing can help with every ailment we have. Personally I believe that stress, fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer and many other diseases and ailments, are all results of us not getting the vitamins and nutrients we need to have, in order to be healthy. The good news is that it is never too late to take your body and health back. Even if you have to use a blender, cut everything up and do it for your physical and mental well being!

  26. The pink lady is my favorite! Somehow the beet works perfectly with the sweetness of the apple and pear. The ginger is a must which for me is strange because I don’t like ginger in anything other than juicing. Must try! Can’t wait to try the others!

  27. Hi Gena,
    I need your help. I have a “Mild” intolerance to carrots and they seem to be in so many juice recipes. Any suggestions? Thank you! 🙂

  28. For all those that don’t have juicers and don’t want to go in debt for the top of the line, a good starter juicer is GE at Walmart. It gets the job done just fine. It’s $40.00!! I like mine. I just started juicing. I may upgrade later when this one wears out, but it works great!

  29. Masticating juicers rock!

    I chose the Omega 8006 for its power, ability to more effectively juice leafy veggies and its easy cleanup. No mist, no foam, no oxidisation and I can juice up a batch and be all set for a few days!
    Anyways I was looking Online for some cool recipes and I’m glad I found this page.:)

    • I use an Omega 8006 and I can very much confirm this, I also use it a lot, my whole family of 6 LOVE how well it makes the juice.

      PS. Thanks a lot for these recopies Gena, going to try a few this week. Wish you all the best.

  30. Hi, I’ve just started juicing (and blogging), My favourite recipe at the moment is this:

    1 inch slice large carrot
    2 apples (Golden Delicious are best)
    1/2 stick celery
    1 small whole raw beetroot
    1/2 inch slice unwaxed lemon

    Which is from the Juicemasters website. I can’t wait to try out your favourite recipes especially the Veggie Ginger Juice 🙂

  31. Hi I am currently looking into juice fasts and cleanses, was wondering if you had tried any or could point me in the direction of a good book/blog/website?

    I love the look of all your recipes… Will be saving this fo’ sho’ =)

  32. Great sounding recipes! I’m starting my second juice fast this weekend and I will definitely try all of these. My first juice fast lasted 10 days and was great but I drank too much fruit juice I think. I want to do more veg juice this time around.

  33. We started with 1 apple, 1 beet & the rest carrot juice. We call it “beet the blues”.

  34. Sweet and sour this morning. Amazingly delicious!!! Who would have thought to combine beet and grapefruit? Thank you Gena!!

  35. thank you for the juice recipes…tried the greens and carrot…I liked the taste but not my husband so he added a bunch of was ok but I actually was fine with the first taste…anyway..I’m just recovering from a surgery and this was an excellent first step to getting even better nutrition into my body..takes time but is worth it! I’m off to explore your blog even more…found it on Fannetastic Food link:)

  36. Great post, all the juice recipes you’ll ever need, all in one place!

  37. This post is awesome! I have it bookmarked for the next time I pull out my juicer…which may be this afternoon! 🙂 Thanks!

  38. Thank you for this post, one of our members shared it on our wall and it was a big hit. I am heading to the farmer’s market today to stock up. We just got a Norwalk Juicer and are having fun experimenting.

    If you would be interested, I have been looking for someone committed to a raw diet to facilitate a live Q&A on our page.

    Thank you again!


    Organically Challenged

  39. Hi Gena!
    Wow! These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes. My week of raw foods has been great and your recipes have helped us stay on the path to raw. You’re such an inspiration- wish I could sign up for the cleanse… I may have to do it in spirit just cuz! 😉

  40. Aww shoot, I should pay more attention! Your next post is all about what I just asked.

  41. They all sound great!
    I’m a vegan who makes raw foods occasionally, and I think I’m going to start being a raw foodist once a week (Unfortunately not Wednesdays, I think I’ll be doing Mondays or Tuesdays), and I found out we had a juicer in the basement a while back, and was juicing fairly often, but for some reason I stopped, and it went back into the basement. Maybe I’ll start again. Do you have any ideas of what to do with he pulp? I can mostly just stand the fruity juices right now, so I sometimes make fruity carrot cake cupcakes using some of the pulp, but do you have any other ideas? I think I heard you could make crackers with it, but I’m not sure how. I have a dehydrator, so maybe I’ll make up my own recipe.
    Sorry if you’ve already answered this!

  42. Hi Gena – thanks for all the wonderful juicing recipes – you have made me pull my juicer out of the pantry and start using again – thank you 🙂 I do have a question though – do you peel your beets before you juice and if so how do you peel them ??(I am kinda new to beets)
    Love your website

  43. Brilliant to publish this, I will start within 2 days a 4 day juice feast. So this tips are more then welcome.

    Gena, can you tell something about oxidation?
    Can this be slow down by adding some fat (flaxseed oil/cocosoil?)

    And what about loss of nutrition by blending in stead of juicing?


    • Dear Gait,

      1) As far as I know, fat will not prevent the oxidation. The only suggestion I really have is for you to seek out Norwalk pressed juices (such as the ones at Liquiteria in NYC), which are sometimes sold already bottled by excellent juice shops.

      2) I’m not sure what you mean by this question?


  44. Hi Gena! I was just wondering what brand of coconut oil you use. I went to go buy a jar but then got very confused with what is considered raw!

  45. Delicious! Thanks for sharing Gena. I make similar combinations of many of these myself. I love very green as my first juice of the day and then a carrot/romaine mix before dinner or for dinner when I’m fasting. Yummy!

  46. Hello Gena-

    Can you give us your opinion on “Green Superfoods” such as Amazing Grass and Green Vibrance?

    I eat very healthy and both juice (usually beet, cucumber, celery and carrot) and blend greens (green monster: spinach, raw almond butter, raw almond milk). However, I still feel I need a little something extra to get the energy I need to give up coffee in the morning.

    Do you think they are beneficial?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kristin,

      I don’t want to offend Amazing Grass or the many bloggers who seem to love it lately, but I have to confess, I’m not a fan. For the most part (there are always personal exceptions) I don’t believe that dietary supplementation is at all necessary if one is eating a wide array of vegetables and juicing regularly. I’m also not persuaded of the health benefits of those dehydrated powders; in my opinion, they’re not alkalizing. It’s fine to eat them if you like the taste or find it personally comforting, but I don’t think they’re doing much for you. If you’re going to invest, invest in some green juice instead! Over time, the alkalinity it grants you will be like coffee, but better.


  47. hi Gena! I so love your blog. Just catching up and I just think your food is so pretty and so amazingly simple and real. Love that.

    I really want to try the spinach soup (so simple and looks lovely!) and so I’ll hope to do that soon. I hope it works in my blender, not a vita mix but powerful for sure!

    Have a wonderful weekend. I am thankful for you and this sweet blog. Stop by YIY and tell me what you are thankful for. I imagine avocado might make the list. 🙂 XOXO

  48. Ok, so this morning I made a version of the Baby’s First Green with the ingedients I had on hand: green apple, cucumber, lemon, spinach. And…it was delicious! I never had any doubt. 🙂 Thanks, Gena!

  49. Whoa! This is great! I’m doing a raw food event this weekend and am planning on sharing a basic green juice with everyone…we’ll see how it goes over!

  50. wow these are amazing recipes! I want to try them all, maybe I really do need a juicer. screw space issues!

    • Hahaha. I’m always saying that I wish I could ditch my oven and just have room for my appliances.

  51. thanks so much for the recipes! i tend to stick to the same two juices so it will be good to switch things up a little!
    hope your week is going well 😀

  52. :-O *gapes at all of the new juice recipes to try* Greens and Carrot is my old standby and definitely the one that started me off on my slightly expensive green juice habit. Think Pink might be making a special appearance in the kitchen tomorrow morning though. Thanks for getting me out of my juice rut!!

  53. Yum!!! My juicer broke this morning…. it was on it’s last leg. Sigh. I wish I could afford another one… but I don’t know…. When will you be giving away a juicer miss Gena? 😉

  54. Hey, nice post, very well written. You should post more about this.

  55. This is so perfect! Just bought my first juicer today – got the Breville 2 speed fountain. Very excited to try out some of these recipes over the next few mornings.

  56. Hi Gena,

    I’m delighted to have just stumbled upon your blog! You have a lot of great info on going raw – something I have just started experimenting with in the past month. Thank you for your great recipes and advice! I look forward to reading more. Thanks!


  57. Hey Gena,
    Thank you for sharing so many recipes again!
    My morning juice is similar to yours only I exchange out the ginger for a jalapeno. I love the warming effect from a chilli pepper 🙂
    I will be trying your mojito when I arrive back in Summer again, that’s for sure.
    Have a good day! ~ em.

      • try them both – the ginger and jalepeno OMG lovely Kick! I also add those to all of my veggie drinks along with a lemon. But I juice 5x the amount due to the family needing seconds and thirds in the am 🙂 the 4 yr old has two 16 oz cups and a fresh waffle with in season fruit. lol

  58. Another great thing for green juice is adding lemon and agave nectar…SO GOOD!

    REALLY tastes like green lemonade!

    • Fyi agave is one of the worst things a human can eat. Even high fructose corn syrup is better for you. Highly processed, not natural as it is created with enzymes, ultra high glycemic index and expensive. Didn’t exist 20 years ago. Very manmade, look it up. Bad, bad, bad.

  59. THANK YOU thank you thank you for this! I am definitely making your Classic Green Juice very soon. I’ve been throwing things in and have no idea how much I use or how much I need — this gives me a perfect guideline. The pear/cucumber juice sounds great too!

    I figured out today what it was I didn’t like about the BPC green juice — romaine! That’s what gave it the over sweetness I didn’t like, so I will be avoiding that going forward!

    • Interesting! I prefer the dark greens to romaine, but it doesn’t bug me too much.

  60. Great! Thanks for posting this. I just got a juicer about a week ago and I was looking for some new combos. You always seem to post just what I’m thinking…


  61. Thanks so much for sharing, Gena! I can’t wait to try some of these! 😀 In Detox for Women, Natalia Rose says the carrot and romaine combination resembles chocolate milk. Now that you’ve recommended it, I’ll have to try it! I’m a big fan of any juice with beets as well because the pink color makes me happy.

  62. this is great! have you talked at all about different types of juicers? i may have missed it but i know there are differences and i’d love to know which are worth it or a waste of my hard-earned $$!

    • I like the Breville Juice Fountain plus! Mine bought itself back within a week or so.

  63. Thanks for this! With my new juice obsession this will be very nice. I just have been stuffing stuff in the juicer, but a real recipe will be a nice change!

  64. Thank you Gena!!! I have been Googling juice recipes, but this is GREAT! All in one spot and delicious I am sure!!!

  65. Green juice/lemonade is my staple, BUT I am loving the Summertime Mojito (still green, right?) and the sassy Sweet and Sour. Woo Hoo! I can even see serving these at a summer soiree.

  66. These look like great combos, Gena. I’m loving the ides of that Pink Lady mixture! I need to start thinking about “recipes”. My usual thing in the morning is to toss in the juicer whatever I see in my fridge. My only constant is to use beets. I recently started to add a lemon to the mix, and I absolutely LOVE the little tang that it gives the juice.

  67. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    as SOON as I move to philly (5.5 weeks baby!) I am going to be ALL over these juices! I can’t wait!!!

    thanks for sharing Gena, you’re the best!

  68. AWESOME! all my juices look the same color. I am so anxious to try some beautiful ones. I even bougth ginger but have yet to juice it!

    I’ve heard different opinions about juicing lemon peel. do you peel yours or not?

    Thanks again!

  69. Thanks Gena! I can’t wait to try these…and I think Gracie and Livy need “Baby’s First Green”!

  70. Gena, I love how you provide a variety of recipes for all juicers. You always make sure to take care of everyone–love that! Sadly, I don’t have a juicer, so I can’t try any of these recipes, but would love to get one someday :).

    • Maria — If you have a blender and a nut mylk bag you can make juices every bit as good as the ones in the juicer, it takes a little more time and is a little more messy, maybe, but don’t deny yourself the luxury of these yummy juices because you don’t have a blender. This is the way I juiced for a long time before I was able to afford a Greenstar. HTH!

  71. Thanks for the great recipes! I have tried the pink lady at Cafe Blossom too and loved it!

  72. Oh, I am so going to the store to get ingredients for these today. Thank you, Gena!

  73. It’s official – I will die if I don’t win the juicer I’m bidding on thru eBay.

  74. Mmm…juice! My favorite way to start the day.

    I first started juicing in college after reading Norman Walker and looking at his extensive list of juice combinations. Those first few juices didn’t taste good on my palate; I did the ‘ol “plug & chug” method b/c I knew I needed the juice, but couldn’t stand the taste (admittedly my first juices were a little strong). Now my mouth begins to water when I smell it and can’t wait to take a sip.

    • Yikes! I think there is a general consensus in the raw community that, while we all love Norman Walker and think he’s the bomb, none of us want to eat or drink his recipes. I mean, the salads?!

      • I have his juicer masine and let me tell you it’s a lot of work with that masine to make a little bit of juice when I make I have to make for 2 days ….:) but it’s worth it cause u get the best benefits from the veggie …:)

  75. *Runs off to buy a juicer*
    Well, not really, because there’s hardly room for all the kitchen gadgets we already have! But someday… a girl can dream 🙂

    P.S. Did you get my email from a few days ago? Some of the emails I sent on that day were apparently never received. Gotta love technology. *Sigh*

    Enjoy your juicer for me!!

  76. I wish I had a juicer!

    Is there any way to make these juices without a juicer?