Menu Plan Monday: Rice Noodle Bowls, Cauliflower Steaks, Tempeh Bowls, and More

Menu Plan Monday | The Full Helping

Happy Monday! Having spent the better part of last week studying for an intense exam, I’m now catching up on work projects and putting together a bunch of new meal plans for nutrition clients. It feels like a very welcome change of pace from having my nose buried in books.

As I compiled meal plans for my clients over the weekend and this morning, I also took some time to map out my own menu plan for the week ahead. It can be really tempting to forgo this, especially when I’ve been busy, but I find that having a weekly game plan helps me to shop efficiently, waste less, and nourish myself well.

So: it’s not optional. And here’s what’s in store for the week ahead.

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This week, like last week, features some trusty recipes, along with a few new things. I’ll be eating on my own most nights, so I’m trying to use up some individual freezer portions in addition to the recipes I’m sharing here. Highlights include (well, included, since we ate them last night) my cauliflower steaks over garlicky edamame mash and my favorite lemon pepper tempeh cubes, which I’ll be serving in a few different ways during the week.


In the interest of not making the same ‘ole hummus every week, I’m also whipping up a batch of my fuschia roasted beet hummus. It’s worth it for the color alone.


Here’s the plan:


Creamy roasted beet hummus
●Basmati rice
Lemon hemp dressing
Favorite lemon pepper tempeh cubes


Cauliflower steaks over garlicky edamame mash
Lemon pepper baked tempeh and herbed rice bowl
●Rice noodle salad with vegetables and tofu (new recipe–I’ll share if it’s good!)
Roasted carrot and avocado salad


Dinner plan

Sunday: Cauliflower steaks over garlicky edamame mash | Simple green salad

Monday/Tuesday: Split pea soup leftovers (from the freezer) | Toast | Lemon pepper tempeh cube “croutons”

Wednesday: Rice noodle salad with veggies and tofu

Thursday: Roasted carrot and avocado salad | Butternut soup leftovers (from the freezer)

FridayLemon pepper baked tempeh and herbed rice bowl

Saturday night: Yellow split pea and coconut breakfast porridge leftovers (from the freezer) | Basmati rice | Spinach

Here’s to a tasty week! I’ll be checking in tomorrow with a new salad that’s bound to become a staple for me and Steven; I made it over the weekend, and we promptly fell in love. In the meantime, I wish you a productive, bright Monday.


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  1. These meal plan posts are really interesting but it would also be great to see examples of what you eat in a day – breakfasts, lunch, snacks etc.

    This would give more of an idea of how people can put it all together on a daily basis. I don’t see any fruit on your meal plans but I am sure you must be including it somewhere 🙂

  2. Those lemon pepper baked tempeh cubes looks freakin amazing!! Definitely going to try that out. Also I am continually impressed by your meal planning Gena! I wish I was that organized 🙂