Today on her blog, my friend Anne made a list of “7 links” that sum up her “most” posts. It’s a little game that’s been running through the blogosphere lately, and after you finish stating your 7 “mosts,” you tag other bloggers and request theirs. Lover of lists that I am, I was of course thrilled to play along. Here are my “7 links” for you guys—read them, and then tell me if they’re what you’d expect!

1) My Most Beautiful Post

“I Love to Eat: Embracing Our Appetites”


I think it’s my most beautiful, and it’s probably also my personal favorite. It was the first time I’d ever articulated how much food means to me (in a good way), and the first time I realized how proud I am of my own appetite. It ended up being one of my more popular posts—to this day, when someone comments and tells me that he or she loves to eat, I feel a thrill—but I think it was also beautiful because it’s a personal declaration that took me far too many years to make.

2) My Most Popular Post

This Post Will Change Your Life


I guess I should’ve known what I was getting into when I titled this post. To be honest, I might also put banana soft serve under my “post whose success surprised me,” and I might also throw in my own categorization of “post whose popularity is most out of keeping with its merit,” because all it is is a technique (which I didn’t even invent!). But hey, banana soft serve IS life changing, and it is delicious, and I’m happy to have helped popularize it a little.

3) My Most Controversial Post

What Kind of Guy’s Going to Date a Vegan?


The controversy over this one really shocked me. I suppose I should have known it would, because the “how vegan” posts and posts in which I take a strong vegan position usually generate at least a little anger. But things I didn’t expect to cause debate did, like whether or not the actress in question had been misquoted (honestly? I still don’t think that was to the point). It was so controversial, in fact, that I wrote this follow up, which also generated a ton of discussion, and that subsequent post clarified many things for me and the readers I was in dialogue with. A great example of CR community in action: many strong opinions, tons of mutual respect.

Runner up for most controversy? Mostly Vegan, for sure.

4) My Most Helpful Post

How to Build a Meal-Sized Salad


At some point over the course of counseling, I realized how many of my clients were starving themselves all afternoon as a result of puny salads, and took it upon myself to give raw and cooked options for salad upgrades. I loved what came of it, and so did lots of you.

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised me

My Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers


I had no idea that anyone would really care what I have to say about the how-to part of blogging, but I guess you all did. This post got a huge response, and I may just be planning a follow up!

6) A Post I Didn’t Think Got the Attention it Deserved


Cruelty Free

This was a really tough choice, because my experience has almost always been that the posts that I want to get attention or generate debate, do. And this one did, except that—in comparison to the Mostly Vegan post, say—I think there was room for a lot more conversation, especially since the notion of picking and choosing one’s ethical battles goes so far beyond veganism, per se. Even so, I did love what people had to say, and I rarely post anything thoughtful on CR that isn’t thoughtfully debated.

7) The Post I’m Most Proud Of



And as a runner up, the Whys and Hows of my Veganism. Why? Because they’re the posts in which I started to realize—and express to you all—how my motives and convictions as a vegan eater were changing, from exclusively health-oriented to compassion-oriented. Today, I’m a vegan for the animals, and I remain a healthy eaterfor me.

That was fun!

Now it’s my turn to tag some friends, and force them to reminisce along with me!


  1. Gina (Fitnessista)
  2. Ashley (Edible Perspective)
  3. Kathy (Lunch Box Bunch)
  4. Emily (Daily Garnish)
  5. Kristen (Kristen’s Raw)

…You’re IT!


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