My Favorite Green Smoothie with Avocado

50 shadesAll images courtesy of James Ransom for Food52

I feel as though I’m starting to inadvertently assemble a “my favorites” list–first there was my favorite quinoa confetti salad, and now I’m sharing my (current) favorite smoothie. These days, I’m relishing avocado in my smoothies–the fluffy, creamy texture is hard to beat!


To get the recipe for this beautifully green, silky smooth beverage, check out my latest New Veganism column at Food52. While you’re at it, you’ll get my favorite formula for building a perfect green smoothie–a simple checklist that guarantees smoothie success!!

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Categories: Smoothies
Method: Blender
Dietary Preferences: Gluten Free, No Oil, Raw, Soy Free, Tree Nut Free, Vegan
Recipe Features: 30 Minute or Less, Quick & Easy

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  1. I cherish a green smoothie! I make nearly precisely the same one. I’ve never taken a stab at including dates, however – might need to attempt that next time!

  2. Love this smoothie! thanks 🙂
    Also, that’s a great blender, had it myself and it was like my best friend back in the day 🙂
    i switched to a blendtec now but i feel like the vitamix was better for some things.

  3. I love me a good avocado smoothie – it’s amazing how creamy a little bit of avocado can make the entire smoothie.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi, Lovely photos Gena. Does this serve 4 though as the site says?

    Also, I know you are very busy…but wondering if you can email me? I’m wondering if you can give top recommendations for me of people you know that can guide me through healing my body with food, life, spirit, daily routine, physical, and life coaching. I’m truly at rock bottom in every which way and my body is literally breaking down on me…
    Thank you Gena. Appreciated. I need someone to guide me in all facets and soften my anxious mind.

  5. I’ve been making an avocado mango banana smoothie lately that might as well be called a pudding. Dessert for breakfast? Yes! It is SO creamy and delicious. Avocado is definitely the key!

  6. Awesome recipe! The avocado is such a great way to make a smoothie more satisfying.
    Not related, but i just read in nytimes about the Sweetgreen founders and one is opening in nyc july 15th! I’m excited to go since i have read often how you love the D.C. Location

  7. Wow! I love avocado as ingredient of green smoothies. It’s delicious, healthy and refreshing. I’m going to make this on the weekend. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. I haven’t tried avocado in smoothies as I don’t like mine that thick. My fave smoothie is a handful of spinach, almond milk, juice of 1 lime, dash of vanilla extract, 1 packet stevia,frozen mango, amazing greens energy super greens boost and vega sport protein powder and some water or coconut water.

  9. oh how i love avocados in smoothies! they freeze nicely too, so like with bananas, when i have a few that are perfectly ripe i cut them up into quarters and freeze them. makes for a very pudding-like smoothie!

  10. Um…could you make a favorites list? I actually think this would be pretty awesome-maybe a new feature on your site, or just a post linking to your favorites! I think it would be fun for your current readers to see and might be useful to direct new readers to. (also I have been on a serious avocado kick lately and although I don’t make smoothies anymore, have been loving adding avocado to my mock chipotle salads and making all kinds of chocomoles. Just the other day I went to get boba and got an avocado shake-avocado, ice cream, ice and condensed milk, I think-I’ll bet you could make a delicious version with some combination of coconut milk ice cream/almond milk/avocado-maybe worth trying?) Thanks Gena!

  11. Fifty shades of Green..haha!! What a delightful funny name, and even better smoothie 😉

  12. I ADORE avocado in smoothies! Hmmm, I adore anything to do with avocados period though 😉 I’m not a fan of smoothies that are too sweet, I don’t typically add very much fruit, mostly greens, cucumber, etc, so they work perfectly in place of bananas. Gorgeous photos Gena!

  13. Sometimes I find green smoothies to be too sweet. However, I have noticed that the addition of avocado tempers some of the sweetness while also adding a nice, thick and creamy texture. Thanks for sharing your go-to recipe! I’ll definitely give it a try.

  14. I LOVE avocados in a smoothie. It makes all the difference. It is great too if I need to use up an avocado yet don’t fancy eating it in a salad (crazy thing I know!)

  15. I always make my green smoothies with avocado! The addition of avocado was the game changer for me in terms of loving vs. liking green smoothies. The consistency is just so satisfying. In fact, my staple smoothie is the same as yours – a short list of ingredients, with frozen banana essential. I usually skip the additional fruit b/c my preference would be berries and those dilute the green color – the more vibrant the hue the more delicious the experience! Avocado is probably in my top 5 favorite foods of all time, certainly the most frequently eaten foods! Sometimes I add vanilla flavored protein (brown rice) protein powder – depending on how much satiation I need from this guy. 🙂

    Happy weekend, Gena.

  16. I do the same thing with bananas. There would be a big, gaping hole in my freezer without my large baggie of frozen banana chunks. Your smoothie has such a beautiful color! I wish all green smoothies looked this gorgeous. Unfortunately, berries always turn a green smoothie kind of muddy. Mango for the win!

  17. Looks divine! I would add some chia seeds for a protein punch. I do that with all my smoothies now. Totally agree about frozen bananas -always buy 3 bunches like a mad zookeeper and freeze in chunks.

  18. This looks so delicious, and perfect for a hot and humid summer morning when I can’t bear to eat a bowl of oatmeal. However, I haven’t yet been able to hop on the avocado smoothie train–it just seems so sad to blend such a perfect fruit and mask its lovely flavor!

    • My tastes switch with the weather too, but when it gets hot I still switch from warm oats to overnight oats. Just add almond milk (or milk of choice) to the oats the night before, throw it in the fridge and add your mix-ins in the morning!

      • Oh gosh. Ha. I saw the 4 servings and thought, “I’ve been drinking that entire thing!! There’s no way!” I love this recipe!