Raw Corn Tortilla Recipe, and 5 Mexican-Inspired, Raw and Vegan Dishes to Spice Up Your Kitchen!
March 14, 2012


Who knew so many of you were clamoring for banana-less smoothies! I can’t wait to come up with another incarnation.

For now, I wanted to let you know that I’ve got a recipe for soft, all raw summer corn tortillas up at VegNews online! I love this recipe, which uses a corn, pepper, and flax base, and hope you’ll all be inspired to put a raw twist on your favorite tortilla combinations. If you want more spicy dishes for raw dining, don’t forget to also check out the following Mexicali inspired Choosing Raw classics:

Chili-Rubbed Sweet Potato Rounds with Guacamole


Mexican Rice Pilaf with Spicy “Cheese” Topping


Smoky Avocado and Cumin Dressing


Raw Tortilla Soup


Mexican “Chocomole” (chocolate avocado pudding with cinnamon and spice)


Who needs May 5th for a reason to celebrate warming spices, cinnamon, avocados, or jicama? Not I. May you be inspired to spice up your kitchen this spring, and beyond.


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  1. You had me at ‘Mexican-inspired’! I’ve always wanted to try out some raw recipes with a Mexican flavors so I will definitely be whipping up some of those raw corn tortillas!

  2. Gena,

    Just got back from NYC and ate a a GREAT vegan restaurant with a friend that lives there. We talked about your blog!! I have a question…since you are spicing up our lives with great Mexican recipes…I was wondering how you felt about taking your Raw Polenta recipe adding cheyenne and dehydrating them into chips? Any thoughts?

    Love to read your blog,


  3. I am so excited — I’ve been wanting a raw tortilla recipe. Usually when I get raw nachos in a restaurant, the chips are corn-free, but I love the flavor and texture of corn! I ONCE had some great ones at Planet Raw on a trip to LA, but haven’t been able to figure it out on my own. I’m totally going to make your recipe. You rock! Thanks a ton.

  4. you are getting me in a summer mindset! i like the image of grilled corn, although it is a little funny to see when the recipe is all raw. it would be fun to put grilled corn and other veggies into the raw corn tortilla. raw mexican is one of my favorite cuisines.

    • Ha, yeah, speaking of raw and cooked, grilled summer veggies in these wraps would be totally outstanding. And I’m with you on raw Mexican — more than cooked Mexican, at least in my book!

  5. Great timing for these! I posted homemade horchata today (vegan, GF) and I need to eat some of that salsa and guac, the soup, and of course, the chocolate pudding…and wash it down with some horchata. GREAT eats in this one, Gena!

  6. I love fresh corn (off the cob) tortillas. I spent some time in Nicaragua and the family I was visiting made these–they were SO good. This recipe has a lot more ingredients than what they were making, but it looks delicious and I’ll look forward to trying it out when corn comes into season this summer. Thanks! 🙂