The Best of 2010
January 3, 2011

I’m ba-ack! After five whole days with no wifi, I’m easing back into the blogging, tweeting, and emailing routine. My vacation was wonderful, but I missed you guys, and it’s great to be writing once again. Thanks so much to Bitt, Leslie, Mara, Melissa, Melody, and Anne for their wonderful guest posts!

I have some new recipes that I’m excited to write about, but today, as stare out onto the empty horizon of a new year, I thought it would be appropriate to survey the best of 2010.

2010 presented me with an avalanche of change. Within the course of twelve months, I quit my job of six years, decided to go back to school, changed career paths entirely, met someone important, and expanded CR to include animal rights talk. In another month, I’ll be moving apartments, too. That is a lot of disruption, but so far, I’m feeling very much at peace with it all. 2010 brought me a lot of good fortune, and I hope that I’ll do what I can to make good on it all in 2011.

As a lover of food and a food writer, I often recall my growth and experience through the meals I ate and the recipes I made. What better way to celebrate 2010 than with a look back on the best of what emerged from my kitchen?

Top Ten Recipes of 2010

1) Cheesy Red Pepper and Hemp Dip

Red pepper hemp dip

2) Kale and White Bean Salad with Caesar Dressing

IMG_4264 (500x333)

3) Swiss Chard Stuffed with Middle Eastern “Rice”

swiss chard leaves

4) Butternut Squash Smoothie

bnut squash smoothie

5) Tofu Burgers

tofu burger

6) Indian Spiced Wrap

indian wrap

7) Homemade Sunshine Burgers (Raw and Cooked)

homemade sunshine burger

8) Raw Cashew Ginger Nori Rolls

nori cashew

9) Raw, Vegan Goat Cheese

vegan goat cheese salad

10) Vegetable Based Salad Dressings

veg dressings

Top Ten Non-Recipe Posts of 2010

1) Embracing Our Appetites

2) A Change is Gonna Come


3) How to Build a Meal Sized Salad

meal salad

4) Community Food

5) The Whys and Hows of my Veganism

whys and hows

6) Cruelty Free?

7) A Dog is Not Dinner

8  ) Did Veganism “Almost Kill” Angelina Jolie?


9) How to Deal with Unwanted Body Commentary

unwanted commentary

10) My Best Friend’s Wedding

best friends wedding

Wow. What a year. I hope that you all get a chance to try some of these recipes out in the new year, or that you repeat some of your favorites in 2011.

Did I miss anything? What CR recipes did you try and love in 2010? What were your highlights of the year?


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  1. Thanks for the hot tips from some things that I missed last year Gena!
    I am always so inspired reading your blog and feel honoured that you share your wisdom and recipes so willingly with all of us. Cant wait for a health-ful and energised 2011….

  2. Hi Gena! As I type this, I am thoroughly enjoying leftover raw tortilla soup, which might just be my and my hubby’s favorite CR recipe ever!! 🙂 My other favorites are the indian spiced wraps (thank you for introducing me to collard wraps – yum!), the raw vegan goat cheese, and the fig and pistachio salad…of course, I love so many of your pre-2010 recipes too! I’d love to see more raw blended soups this year, because I absolutely love them – they are easy, they are nutritious, and they are delicious!!

  3. Can’t wait to keep reading in 2011 Gena. I’ve learned so much from you this year. 🙂 I’m so excited for all the positive things going on in your life. I wish you the best of luck!! Glad you had a nice vacation unplugged. xo

  4. Good timing with this post! I was going to email you to wish you a very happy new year! Happy New Year!!! Lots of love xxx

    PS Since IBS is something that I struggle with heaps, I always like your posts dealing with such issues.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the “Unwanted Body Commentary” post again. That’s the one that sold me on your blog. I was a sometimes-reader before that, but that post made me a 100%-devoted follower. It has a permanent bookmark in my “Mental Health” folder, and it is well-deserved.

  6. What a year indeed! I added Vega, chia seed pudding, and homemade energy bars to my repertoire directly from your posts. Your savory posts I often replicate less faithfully but take inspiration from some combination of ingredients or method of preparation.
    I love how you expanded your philosophy of food this year, and shared so much of your evolving thinking on raw/cooked, veganism, and balance. I liked having more cooked recipes. I appreciated your post on fiber and all of your appliance posts as well- I finally ordered a rice cooker this past weekend!
    That wedding pic of you is definitely a best-of; it’s gorgeous!
    My best-ofs were publishing my first paper, traveling to Israel, and beginning to plan our wedding. Working with a great ND and beginning hot yoga were the other definite highlights!

  7. I tried banana soft serve and kale salad for the first time this year and I love both of them! Hope you have a happy new year, Gena!

    While I hope to try many more recipes in the new year, I was wondering: Do you have/use a microwave? What are your feelings on them in regards to nutrition and safety? I love reheating frozen soups but I wonder how safe that is or if there is a better way.

    Another question–do you always use raw nuts, or can roasted nuts substitute in your recipes?

    Thanks a bunch!
    Susan =)

  8. I liked the carrot pump falafels a great deal, but I’m not sure what year they were… and banana soft serve is a staple in our house.

    Glad you got a break and equally glad you are back to blogging!

  9. Happy New Year Gena!

    May I recommend the 11th entry for your Top 10 Recipes for 2010? I am an ultra big fan of your Vegan French Toast — simple, so easy to make and yum!, tastes oh-so-good! I have prepared it about 15 times since your post.


  10. Welcome back from your very well-deserved break, Gena.

    I loved the nutrient dense salad building post – such a creative array to spark our own imaginations! And,your red pepper, hemp, nooch dip recipe has become a favorite in my household.

    Yet, I most appreciate your unique talent for analyzing a complex topic, fairly, while also passionately voicing your own views. I learn so much from all of these narrataives; this past year, you shared a wealth of immediately useable information on nutrition and offered us such insightful thoughts on body image. You are the best teacher around!

  11. This recap just reminds me what a fabulous blog you have here – such awesome posts and amazing variety. I know it was from 2009 originally but I’m going to throw chocomole in there too though (changed my life)!!
    Keep inspiring us, and all the best for the New Year and the changes that are coming with it, how exciting!

  12. I love your butternut squash smoothie! This was such a great post! I did not find your blog until about the middle of 2010 but I am so glad I did. You always have such great recipes and tips! Thank you so much 🙂

  13. Ha Ha Ha . . . I made a lot of those recipes. And now that I’m reminded of it, I want the cheesy red pepper dip again soon. But my absolute fav is your Indian Spiced Wrap. The veggies by themselves . . . the spread on anything . . . oh my . . . that stuff is the shizzle. Thank you again for all that you do!

  14. I hadn’t heard about Angelina Jolie’s anti vegan stance and the backlash.. uugggh. it is so frustrating that people are so quick to blame the vegan diet. Geez, look at the health of American’s…! We are dying from preventable disease. Children are getting adult onset diabetes and heart disease before they are even 20 years old… uggghhh..

    I’m glad you had a nice vacation. Welcome back!

  15. What a great year for you! I’ve loved being able to witness it through your blog. So glad you are staying in NY, my friend. Best of luck next week! xo

  16. It’s been great finding and reading your blog this year. I admire your passion for veganism and for your perspective on raw food. You are a precious gem for the raw community and beyond! I’ve come to appreciate you more and more through this year. Thanks for blogging!

  17. i tried blended salad ‘soups,’ the carrot cayenne elixir, the carrot cake smoothie, and juice pulp crackers! i ate well this year but my highlight was a trip to paris in march. my god take me back!

  18. Gena what a great recap of the recipes…
    The 1st one, the Cheesy Red Pepper and Hemp Dip, and the goat “cheese”, and the tofu burger are all on my to-try list. I have a recipe for a cheezy red pepper hemp seed dip as well. I call it spicy doritos dip. You probably dont like doritos, but as a kid, I admit, I loved them so love any dips that pepper, nooch, hemp seeds, always a good start as evidenced by your lovely looking dip!

    Veganism/Angelina J post
    Embracing our Appetite
    Change gonna come
    Ok all of them…they were all fabulous! It’s like a trip down memory lane reading this post b/c I remember where I was in my life when I read those posts.

    I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for you, and how it unfolds on your blog!


  19. What a delicious and thought-provoking year, Gena!

    I loved seeing the Sunshine Burger again. When I was a brand new vegan, and a lurker, I made that burger and loved it so! The butternut squash smoothie is another favorite — I started roasting and then freezing cubed squash to have on hand for smoothies!

    I really enjoy reading about your balance between raw and cooked foods. It really has inspired me to “go more raw.”

    Happy New Year!

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